Our Story

The Masterminds Network Is An Amazing Thing!

What starts out as a “Business Centric” Mastermind group meeting almost always transforms into Life Mastermind because trust develops.

Group members open up and issues that were thought to be business-related issues are actually identified as personal, i.e. procrastination, inability to connect, confidence levels or just the inability to see things from another perspective.  With your Masterminds Network group, your business issues get resolved and referrals get exchanged!

We’ve witnessed great personal transformations or what I call “adaptations and evolutions.” Members have come away with clarity, focus and determination without the chains binding them to their unresolved business issues.

With the help of your Masterminds group members, you are held to a higher standard and accountability to achieve results you’ve only dreamed about.

Here Is What You Can Expect From Becoming A Member Of The Masterminds Network:


  • Meetings 2x per month
  • Flexible meeting dates, times and accessibility.
  • Affordable Dues
  • No unrealistic obligations that unreasonably take you away from your business.
  • Actual information, advice and personalized problem solving from people who want to see you succeed.
  • 6 or 8 different perspectives than yours.
  • Honesty and truth that you don’t get from networking events or groups.


What you can expect is to achieve the goals of your business by collaborating with local or regional business people who want to achieve Excellence as much as you do!

I invite you to explore our Masterminds Group model and imagine what it can do for you, your business and your life!

Attend a Masterminds Network meeting and experience the transformation for yourself!